Abbey Cleland writes fiction, screenplays, essays, and web content.

After graduating from The Ohio State University with a degree in English and Film, Abbey attended The New School in New York where she studied writing and publishing. 

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2007, she’s optioned several original romantic comedies, family-friendly screenplays, edgy TV dramas, and children’s educational concepts, while writing, developing, and consulting for a variety of LA-based production companies and networks. (Watch the trailer of one of her Hallmark Movie Channel movies, and check out her humble IMDB page.)

Abbey currently splits her time between LA and the Midwest. So far this arrangement has resulted in great fun, and wild, irrepressible productivity.

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In June 2013, she married her longtime crush/favorite human, Anthony.






In January 2014, she earned an MFA in Fiction from Fairfield University.





In July 2015, she secured a wonder literary agent named Victoria, and five days later, on a magical Wednesday night, gave birth to a wonder boy named Cameron.

So, that was a good week.

While her first novel, an upmarket dramedy for women, is being considered for publication, Abbey is hard at work on her second: a tantalizing summer story about fallen heroes, an unlikely affair, and The Kismet Misfits — a minor league baseball team with some major (and mysterious) issues.

In August of 2017, eight months along in a tumultuous pregnancy, she created a suspenseful and gritty prison drama for an A-list client, which rounded out to be one of her most challenging, thrilling, and rewarding assignments yet (needless to say, the most effective distraction imaginable, too).

Two weeks later, on another magical Wednesday night, with the Cleveland Indians ballgame serving as a calming, but spirited soundtrack, her family became complete upon welcoming a bright-eyed baby girl named Annie.

(Maybe this, becoming a mother of two tiny, curious darlings, she reconsiders, is her most challenging, thrilling, and rewarding assignment yet.)


WriterWomanWTFInspired by her dreamy, but sleep-deprived domestic life, Abbey contributes maternal and writerly musings to, among other women-centric outlets on the web and beyond.

She also loves to write about writing, as displayed on this website’s blog and places like Spry Literary Journal and Now What? Creative Writer’s Guide.

Above all, Abbey believes in hard work, insatiable curiosity, and October baseball, as well as Jane Austen’s wit, Jim Henson’s creativity, and Fred Rogers’s kindness.